The 31-Day Mindset Reset Challenge to Start Living With Intention

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mindset reset challenge

The mindset reset challenge is for anyone who’s ready to live with intention in life, business or career. If you’re sick of feeling floundering without direction, of struggling through every day feeling anxious or unfulfilled, or simply want to operate at a higher vibration, these 31 days will help you get there.

Everything you learn each day should be taken with you for the rest of the challenge and then into your everyday life. Each day builds upon the one before, helping you access your most authentic, intentional and epic self with each passing day.

The key to getting the most out of this challenge is committing to it. The mindset reset only happens when you give yourself to the process, so let’s start with Day 1!

P.S. Share your progress on social media with #mindsetresetchallenge and get the free calendar to track each daily challenge! ?

Day 1: Make an Intentional Choice

There won’t be a flashing neon sign, so if you’re waiting for the right moment, consider that right now, this moment you’re in as you read this sentence, is it.⁠

The thing is: it may never feel like the “right time” to take that first step or to do the big thing that you’ve been dreaming about, but the longer you put off those dreams of starting a business, traveling the world, writing a book—whatever it is you have inside you—the longer you’ll be living an unfulfilling life and the longer the rest of us have to wait for you to create what you were born to create. ⁠⁠

But if you really want a flashing neon sign, then this can be it. So today, you will make ONE intentional choice that you would normally resist and avoid. For example:

⚡Meditate in the morning.
⚡Work on your side project.
⚡Start job searching.
⚡Ask for help.
⚡Walk away from a frustrating moment instead of arguing.
⚡Take a walk at lunch.
⚡Have a conversation you’ve been dodging.

One intentional choice leads to another, so let’s start here. When you do, share your first act of intentional living with the hashtag #mindsetresetchallenge!

Day 2: Adopt This New Mantra

Your new mantra: WWFMD (What Would Future Me Do?)⁠⁠

This mantra and mindset reset has been so powerful for me in 2020. I have constantly been asking myself this in moments of doubt or fear. Or if I’m looking back on something in a way that’s not serving me in the moment—wishing to have it back or wanting what is no longer there. ⁠⁠

In those moments, I ask, WWFMD? Then I step into the future me that I can visualize SO clearly, the me who I’ve been transforming into these past few weeks⁠, and the answer is always SO clear. ⁠⁠

The future me, who I see twirling down the hallway of her lakefront home, sun shining in through the windows and a smile on her face, always chooses with intention and intuition. ⁠⁠

So, I change my perspective. I look at the world through her eyes and find the answer. It’s amazing when you let go of the limits that you currently live with, even just for a moment, how much easier it becomes to change the channel or make a tough decision.⁠⁠

Today, your challenge is to look through the lens of the future you, whether you encounter a frustrating situation, challenging question, or uncomfortable feeling. ?️‍?️⁠

Day 3: Commit to the Challenge

I know we’re now three days into the challenge, but this is the perfect time to recommit to what you started just  a few days ago. It’s easy to get excited, jump on board, and then lose steam and back out.

Today, your challenge is to commit to the next 28 days. If you find yourself struggling at any point, check out my blog post, Personal Accountability and Integrity: Why You Can’t Commit to dig deeper into the very common challenge of sticking with a goal or challenge.

Here are a few ways to commit:

⚡Tell a friend, family member, or S.O.
⚡Print the calendar and hang it on your fridge.
⚡Write: “I commit to the mindset reset challenge” on a post-it note and stick it at your desk.
⚡Post this photo on your Instagram stories with the hashtag: #mindsetresetchallenge.

Day 4: Rethink your Mornings

Change your morning.⁠ Change your life. And I want you to rethink your morning during this mindset reset challenge.

I have a few morning staples that make my day more relaxing, enjoyable and productive. I asked in Instagram Stories (follow me on IG!) if you wanted to hear more about what I do each morning and the response was a resounding, “Yes, please!” so, here we go! ⁠⁠

Each morning I:⁠⁠

⚡Wake up without an alarm. ⁠
⚡Say my gratefuls.⁠
⚡Leave my phone until AFTER my gratefuls.⁠
⚡Drink green or peppermint tea.⁠
⚡Sit in quiet and look out the window.⁠⁠

That’s about it! This slow, quiet, work-free time has majorly reduced:⁠⁠


Instead of feeling like I need to GO GO GO right when I wake up, I make time to BE. This is something I never used to afford myself. I even remember thinking about Caitlin Parsons’ morning routine and thinking: I could never just take 30 minutes every morning to meditate, read and chill—NO WAY. ⁠

Coming home after the #ThiefelsWorldTour changed all that. While we traveled, these mornings were the norm. One of our very first days back in SD, however, I had a lot of work to get done and was meeting a friend for coffee.⁠⁠

I reverted back to the old me, and jumped right into work—no time to drink tea, relax and let the day wrap itself around me. ⁠⁠

As my anxiety rose—Must. Get. All. This. DONE!—I screamed at Ben. I stormed out of the house. Came back in to apologize and then sobbed. Met with my friend in a total anxiety haze… You can imagine the rest of the day didn’t go any better. ⁠⁠

I realized the only change that day was the morning, so I’ve enjoyed my blissful, relaxing mornings ever since. ⁠⁠

And guess what? My business is still successful. I’m still publishing a book. I still finish work at a normal time. I still enjoy dinner with my husband. I still have time with friends. ⁠⁠

If you want to wildly transform your life, start with your mornings. You don’t need to journal, or workout, or do yoga—you just need to find some space for YOU.⁠

Today, your challenge is to change your morning. Make time to move slower, enjoy longer, and start your day feeling relaxed and ready, rather than rushed and treading water.

Day 5: Put Your Cellphone Down

Let’s. Get. Real. ⁠When are we not on sensory overload? From our computer, to social media, to a busy office—basically never. 

This means, if we don’t get intentional about finding QUIET, we can’t tap into what’s lurking under all that noise: creativity, intuition, wisdom, healing, and so much more. All of the things that will help you go from DREAMING to DOING.⁠

So when I heard this tip a few years ago, I took it seriously. I mean, shouldn’t the bathroom be a space where we can enjoy a little peace and quiet? ⁠⁠

While I’m not always coming up with Pulitzer prize winning ideas every time I’m on the toilet, the time my mind gets to wander is invaluable. ⁠⁠

So be honest: do you take your phone to the bathroom with you every single time you go in?⁠

If you answered yes, your challenge today is to leave it at your desk, by your bed, or on the kitchen table. Give your mind a few minutes of QUIET. You may find that you actually enjoy the unplugged time—whattt?? ⁠

Today, put your cell phone down. If you don’t take it to the bathroom, leave it sitting next to you at a time when you’d normally  grab it to scroll social or check your mail: during a commercial, at a red light, while waiting in line at the grocery store.

There are so many chances for us to tune in instead of tuning out—choose it, embrace it, and watch how the world opens up before you.⁠

Day 6: Get Present 

In this picture, I was at the end of my rope. It was the last week of of our 8-month trip around the world. The trip was amazing, life-changing and something I will never forget for all of my life. But when the last three weeks in Northern Africa I was burnt out. ⁠

✨I was sick of things being so hard.⁠
✨I was tired of the research.⁠
✨I was exhausted from never-ending adventures.⁠

But I wasn’t going to let myself get caught up in that negativity. Though understandable, we had been traveling for nearly 8 months non-stop, I got intentional about these feelings and let them guide me. ⁠⁠

Instead of being in a bad mood or wishing for home, I fell into a constant practice of being grateful and staying present.⁠⁠

⚡I’m checking the box on my biggest, most insane dream.⁠
⚡I’m experiencing this all with the love of my life.⁠
⚡I’m going to wish for this when I don’t have it any longer.⁠
⚡I’m learning to be patient.⁠
⚡I’m a badass traveler!⁠⁠

This is how it was every single day for the last three weeks of the trip. The swing between frustration and gratitude. The constant reminder to stay in the moment, and soak it ALL in, because as hard as it gets, it’s always worth it. ⁠⁠

This your challenge today: Get present in a moment of stress or frustration by asking yourself:

How can being in this moment and staying present take you out of that negative space and into one of abundance, gratitude and lightness? ⁠

Day 7: Tap Into Your Feelings

Transformation of any kind is scary, exciting and hard. Whether you’re doing a challenge like this or taking a huge, scary step in your life. 

Today, I want you to do two things:

#1. Remember that feeling all the feelings is necessary. Don’t push any of them down or away. Welcome to sadness, the frustrations, the happiness and the thrill of not knowing. Be INTENTIONAL about every aspect of the evolution you’re experiencing.⁠

#2. Identify those feelings with this feelings wheel. I know it sounds funny, but when I first started working with a heart coach, I literally couldn’t identify a wide range of feelings. “How are you feeling today?” “Fine.” That’s not good enough. 

Label your feelings and then FEEL them. Happy and sad. Good and hard. Frustrating and exciting.

Day 8: Find Your Flow

Flowing or forcing?⁠⁠

I’m all about that FLOW. For so long, forcing was my jam. People would say, you have such good willpower and I was like, “Hell yeah I do! I can force myself to do anything!⁠”⁠

That was beneficial in many ways, but as I’ve moved out of that mindset I’ve also realized that it held me back in many ways too. I wasn’t in touch with my intuition. I was ignoring what my body wanted. I was frustrated because I was trying to make things happen rather than letting them happen.⁠⁠

I asked my IG followers what’s stopping them from flowing more and forcing less: worried about time or expectations from others? ⁠

The overwhelming response: time. ⁠

I get that—I was a slave to time for years! Wake up at 6am to rush to the gym, shower, get to work, force my way through the day, curse traffic on the way home… you get the picture.⁠⁠

If you’re struggling to flow because of time, I have good news: flowing isn’t about time! It’s about following your intuition, and there are so many ways to use that as your guide, even if you work in an office and need to follow certain schedules:⁠⁠

⚡Flow with food choices. Don’t force what’s “healthy.” Instead, tune into what FEELS good in your body.⁠⁠

⚡Flow with your morning. Do you actually want to flick on the morning news or would you rather listen to chill music while you enjoy breakfast and coffee?⁠⁠

⚡Flow with your drive home in traffic. Do you want to dive into a podcast or maybe pull off to walk around the nearest park or beach.⁠⁠

Do you catch my drift?? While everyone has some time constraints to an extent, you have more power than you think to flow through your day feeling less stressed and more at peace.⁠⁠

Today, get intentional about tuning into what YOU want and find your flow.⁠

Day 9: Focus on YOUR Needs

Those who matter don’t mind.⁠ You probably know the famous Dr. Seuss quote: Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.⁠⁠

Skiing again got me thinking about this idea. The first few times I was going down the mountain, I found myself worried about everyone BUT me. ⁠⁠

Will I be in someone’s way?⁠
Will someone run into me?⁠
Will someone be annoyed with my big S turns?⁠⁠

My legs were shaking, I was skiing for the first time in 12 years and yet here I was, worried about everyone else. The thing is: if someone is going to be mad at me for “getting in their way” it doesn’t really matter to me. ⁠⁠

And quite frankly, the people who DO matter, like one of my best friend’s, Aly, who was there to literally hold me as I cried because I was sick of falling ??⁠⁠

So I let it go. ⁠⁠

Everyone will choose their path and sometimes you will get in the way, and they’ll have to go around you—and that’s fine—but you can’t live your life worried about THEM. When I started worrying about me on the mountain, I felt more confident and more aligned. I was skiing better and smiling A LOT more. ⁠⁠

Ultimately, I was focused, sharp and clear headed. ⁠

This is what happens when we stop worrying about everyone else around us in life too. With our mind free of that clutter, we can fully step into OUR experience and that’s when we’re most powerful. ⁠⁠

More importantly, when we focus on ourselves, we have more energy to manifest what we want. And if you’re like me, there’s a lot in progress for my life and I need all the energy I can to manifest it all!⁠⁠

Your challenge today:⁠

1. Stop focusing on everyone else.⁠
2. Get clear on what YOU need and want.
3. Make ?It ?Happen ?⁠

Day 10: Tap Into Your Intuition

Your intuition is where all your answers are. We often look outside of us—to friends, family, significant others, even coaches and therapists for those answers. While these people can be hugely valuable sources of insight and feedback, you often have the answers already.

More importantly, when you get in touch with your intuition, you’re able to access a more powerful, calm and compassionate version of you. Being able to do this has helped me:

⚡Find trust in places where there was once fear.
⚡Maintain a greater sense of calm in all situations. 
⚡Become better guided in my dietary choices.
⚡Practice gratitude in more places in my life. 
⚡Uncover answers to questions I would otherwise go to a coach or therapist for.

If you’re thinking, “All that sounds great, but how the hell do I do that?!” – then you’re in the right place.

My goal is always to make something seemingly daunting easier to manage and this is something I hope we can all practice. When we tap into our intuition, we’re able to uncover that inner power—and that, my love, is life changing. 

So, what are some steps you can take. Today’s challenge is: make time for intentional silence. 

1️⃣Close yourself in a room or find your favorite spot in the house and bring a question, concern or challenge with you. Ask the question, follow step #2, and listen.

2️⃣In this silence, imagine breathing in and out of your heart to start connecting with the wisdom of your heart space and start moving inward.

3️⃣Believe in the process. You’ll eventually run into the two C’s: being critical of yourself and cynical about the experience. “This is dumb.” “My to-do list is too long.” “Nothing is even happening.” Sit with that discomfort—know that answers are coming.

4️⃣Support this intentional silence with journaling. Just write the words you’re thinking, if nothing else, and if you let yourself trust, you’ll notice the guidance coming through

Day 11: Reexamine Your Guilt

The new mantra. ⁠

I had a great comment on one of my Instagram posts about something that’s REALLY hard about living intentionally: the guilt that comes with it. ⁠

Choosing yourself, your dreams and what you need to get where you’re going can feel impossible because you feel guilty for not putting more money in your child’s college fund, for missing your friend’s party to attend an important networking meeting, or for walking away from the relationships that are holding you back on this epic journey to your dream life. ⁠⁠

I get it—oh, baby, I do. ⁠⁠

So if you’re feeling stuck in this cycle of guilt that’s holding you back, I want you to adopt this mantra today, and every day after. I remind myself of this ALL the time and it resonated with Sandra, so I wanted to share it with all of you too. ⁠⁠

In the moment, I say: I can feel guilty now or resentful later and I’d rather feel guilty now and do what I know I need to do rather than resentful later in addition to not even getting what I need or want.⁠

Today, we’re letting that guilt go, if even for a minute. Ask for what you want, even if you’re nervous, and get ready to be surprised by the response. 

Day 12: Let loose! 

Let LOOSE.⁠⁠

How often do you just let it all go? ⁠⁠

I recently had two experiences of letting it go, releasing judgement, and sinking into the moment with all of my heart. ⁠⁠

⚡The first was on a ski trip, where myself and two of my best girlfriends killed it on wide open trails, with gorgeous weather and no inhibitions! We literally screamed “Ladies of the Mountaiiinnnn” as we skied down the trails and would follow that chant by howling as loud as we could. It sounds absurd, and it was, but it felt AMAZING!⁠⁠

⚡The second was at a dance class this past Monday, which I will DEFINITELY be returning to. The type of dance is called Nia, which is:”Fitness based on the idea that exercise should feel good inside and out. Nia is a cardio dance group fitness class that incorporates martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.” ⁠

And it felt SO good. I danced, sang and moved for an hour with a small group of 6 people, all ages 55+ (yes, I was hands-down the youngest) and had the BEST time. We flowed, we free-danced, and all that mattered was that we did what FELT good. I haven’t felt that free and un-judged since I was a little girl.⁠⁠

I never used to let myself go for fear of embarrassment—and that’s still there, of course, but it feels less restrictive and in that space I’ve found freedom that I’ve been missing for so long.⁠ 

Today, do something that allows you to fully LET LOOSE. Do a jig on the sidewalk. Sing at the top of your lungs. Have a night full of laughter with close friends. Let the embarrassment go and dive in!

Day 13: Rethink “Selfish”

Do you feel selfish for chasing your dreams?⁠ You’re not alone. ⁠⁠

We’ve been told our whole lives to put others first—share your toys, let your sister play with you, don’t eat the last slice of pizza. In some cases, we were learning important lessons about kindness.⁠⁠

But the thing is, we grow up, and this childhood lesson turns into a limiting belief: you need to put your dreams behind the needs of everyone else around you because it’s selfish to do something for yourself.⁠⁠

The thing about this is that the fear of being seen as selfish for chasing our dreams is built into our DNA and it’s keeping you in one place. ⁠⁠

While you can’t squash this fear overnight, in exploring this topic, I have created some mantras that I think can be helpful in rewiring your thoughts and driving the mindset reset: ⁠⁠

?Not everyone will be happy with everything I choose.⁠
?I will resent myself and others by choosing their needs over mine.
?If I don’t advocate for myself, no one else will.⁠⁠

When we can find a balance between caring for others and prioritizing our own dreams, we can create our most fulfilling life. We can give to others and to ourselves. ⁠⁠

Today, Use one (or all!) of these mantras in moments of fear, when you’re questioning what you want or what someone else might think. ⁠

And just for good measure, I’ll remind you: Your dreams are worthy of chasing and you’re not selfish for wanting to turn them into a reality.⁠

Day 14: Slow Down to Speed Up

When we see everyone (seemingly) succeeding on social media, in the office, or at networking events we feel like we need to hustle. Go faster. Do more. Wake up earlier. ⁠⁠

The thing is, the more I’ve slowed down, the more I’ve been able to achieve—here’s why:⁠⁠

⚡I have greater clarity on what I want. I’m not just doing to do.⁠
⚡I don’t feel rushed all the time. I take my time, breathe, and follow where I feel pulled. ⁠
⚡I am able to ebb and flow with my energy every day. Some days I need left-brained work, some days I need right-brained work. ⁠⁠

When I was hustling and forcing my way through life, I was stressed, frustrated, anxious and irritated. Not exactly a positive or productive mindset to be in. ⁠

I want you to feel the incredible amount of weight that slides off your shoulders by leaning into the slow down TODAY. Here’s how:⁠

Find one time each day to just sit and breathe: at night in bed, in the middle of the day in your car, in the morning on the way to work, in the shower as you start your day. You don’t need to “meditate” but you do need to intentionally breathe, in and out, for 5 to 10 minutes.⁠

?Pay attention to times when you usually rush yourself and find a way to slow it down. ⁠
?Take 10 deep breaths before getting out of bed in the morning—or touching your phone. ⁠⁠

I want to be clear about something: I’m not saying to stop working hard. Quite the opposite, I’m saying, get intentional about WHAT you’re hustling for. WHY are you rushing around? WHY do you need to do that right now? With intention, you’ll get more done, and start moving from DREAMING to DOING once and for all.⁠

Day 15: Stop Comparing

Let’s flip the perspective.⁠

There’s so much comparing in our world and it’s something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember—even now, I automatically look at how many likes someone got on Instagram and compare to my own performance. Or see someone’s client testimonial and wonder if I’m doing well enough. ⁠⁠

I made this my desktop background for the year because I want to remind myself (and now you) that if we’re focused on impressing ourselves, and we get intentional about letting that comparison fade into the background, finally seeing those big scary dreams turn into a reality will feel SO much sweeter because it’s for YOU not THEM.⁠⁠

Here’s a practice for you as you work to let this deeply ingrained habit go. When you find yourself comparing, say: ⁠

“This is what I’ve always done, I forgive myself for falling on old habits. This no longer serves me any more. [Deep breath in and out] I am grateful this moment has allowed me to ______________.” ⁠⁠

I might say, “This moment has allowed me to….”⁠⁠

⚡Take a closer look at my thoughts. ⁠
⚡Find compassion for someone else. ⁠
⚡Find compassion for myself. ⁠
⚡Change my perspective and focus on myself.⁠
⚡Remember the importance of supporting others. ⁠⁠

Today, use this practice every single time you find yourself in a comparing mindset. It’s not an easy challenge to take on, but it’s one that I’ve come to rely on as I make this intentional journey toward a more powerful self. ⁠⁠

Reminder: It takes time to rewrite old habits, so be compassionate and kind as you take on this incredible mindset shift. ⚡ ⚡⁠

Day 16: Laugh! 

Question of the week: When was the last time you laughed this hard?⁠?⁠ 

More importantly, did you know that laughing can boost the immune system, relieve stress, decrease pain and soothe tension? If you’re anything like me, this means you could use a good laugh at least once a day.

Today, let’s keep it simple: laugh!

Day 17: Breathe With Intention 

Recently I’ve been drawn to the water. So much so that one day I was driving home from the store, saw the sunset and remembered there was a beach at the end of the street—but I assumed it was closed. ⁠⁠

So I hooked a right toward home but quickly did a U-turn in someone’s driveway. Why not just check and see? Sure enough, the gate was wide open, not a soul on the snowy beach. ⁠⁠

And I stood there, asking the lake to teach me: How do I flow like you? How do I ride the waves? How do I flow with such ease?⁠

And so I let the waves flow through me, the cold water clearing out the blocks and clutter inside of me. Breathing in, I felt the water come in through my feet, up through my body and out through my mouth. ⁠

I’m so grateful to be in a place where I can always get to a beach, but more importantly, for finding my breath. For finding this awareness. And for committing to it, no matter how hard it gets.⁠

So today, I want you to make time to BREATHE. Here are a few days to do that:

  • Get outside and sit quietly in a park. 
  • Sit by a window in your house and just observe the outside.
  • Meditate. My favorite meditation app is Insight Timer.
  • Take 5 deep breaths in and out before going to bed.

Ready, set, breathe. ?⁠

Day 18: Look Forward

Which way are you looking?⁠⁠ This is one of the most powerful questions you can ask during the mindset reset challenge.

In 2020, I’m actively focusing on looking ahead—and when I say actively, I mean, literally catching myself in moments looking backward and asking myself: but what does it look like if I turn my gaze *this* way? ⁠⁠

Where am I going? Who am I becoming? What’s coming to me? What am I manifesting?⁠⁠

Note that this comes with a caveat because it’s still important to look behind you—but in a way that’s intentional; looking behind you to learn, improve and grow, rather than yearn for something that you no longer have or that’s no longer serving you. ⁠⁠

With intention, you can create your own reality, learning from experiences of your past and translating those lessons into your life ahead. 

Today, I want you to look ahead. If you’re struggling with something or find yourself wishing for something that’s behind you, get aware and ask yourself: but what’s that way? Resolve? Happiness? Happy hour with your friends? 

Let’s look—and move—forward, not backward!

Day 19: Look at the Losses with Love

Learning from the hard stuff. ⁠

One of the most important lessons I learned when I lost a crap-load of revenue in a *very* short period of time is that sometimes reinvention starts with loss. ⁠⁠

I’ve been actively focusing on transitioning my business from relying solely on one service to creating a larger client-base in another area. As I manifest this, I know shifts will take place, and as they do in fact happen, I’m reminded that sometimes change means you have to start back at the beginning.⁠

This is as true in business as it is in life. As we shed who we have been in the past, along with the people and habits that kept us there, we may have to lose some relationships that were once valuable to us and habits that made us feel safe.⁠

Reinventing my business and making these changes will come with loss, but the good news is, there’s something better on the other side.⁠ And in that way, I am grateful for that loss, because it allows me to move into a new area of my business and life. 

Today, I want you to find gratitude for something you’ve lost and the new realm you’ve been able to step into as a result. Use one of following mantras:

I’m grateful for the new beginning that I’ve been given.
Loss is hard, but my future is brighter.
I trust that everything comes and goes for my greatest and highest good.

Day 20: Decide: Who DON’T You Want to Be?

Only when you step into who you really are can you figure out what you really want. ⁠⁠

So often, we’re formed by: our parents’ opinions, what our teachers say, how our friends treat us. ⁠Slowly, we become the opinions the world has about us. ⁠⁠

Only when we step into who we truly WANT to be—rather than who we think we SHOULD be—can we start chasing the dreams we really care about. Until that happens, we may not even understand or see the life we really want to have because we don’t feel we deserve it or believe we aren’t good enough for it. Or we feel silly for chasing after it. ⁠⁠

The question is: how do you step out of the person you’ve grown into and into the one you want to be? That’s where the work comes in. Some of the ways I’ve done this include:⁠⁠

⚡Figuring out who I DON’T want to be. I don’t want to be rigid or overly structured, and instead, I want to feel light and flow through my days.⁠⁠
⚡Figuring out what I truly want. I wanted to be an author, but then my career happened. I let those dreams fade away, but now I can see and FEEL it so clearly.⁠⁠
⚡Journaling when I feel frustrated. Why is this thing triggering me? What in my past is making me sensitive to this? ⁠⁠
⚡⁠Making time for quiet. Whether I meditate, listen to chill music or lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. I give my intuition the SPACE to chirp up.⁠⁠
⚡Imagining who that person is that I want to be and making choices as that person. I already am her. ⁠⁠

Today, I want you to get quiet and visualize the person you want to be. What does she look like? What is she wearing? Where is she? What is she doing? Think BIG. Think FUN. Think YOU. 

Slowly, the image of who you already are, without the opinions and limitations of others, begins to appear and what you actually want—not what you think you should want—comes into view too.  ⁠

Day 21: Share a Story 

You’re changing lives. Yes. You.⁠⁠

By sharing your voice. By sharing your story. By bearing your hurt and your trauma for the world to see, you’re impacting lives—but you may not see that in your slow growing follower count, measly raise at work, or lack of respect from family members that don’t understand your purpose on this planet.⁠

I’ve been reminded the last few weeks that while I’m wrapped up in the numbers here on Instagram, people are actually being impacted by what I’m saying—even though it doesn’t always show in likes or engagement. ⁠⁠

So now this is MY reminder to YOU that if you’re using your voice, someone somewhere (probably many people, many places) are hearing you. ⁠⁠

Grab a microphone. Talk louder. Share more. Go deeper. ⁠

Today, I want you to share a story about yourself. Something that you’ve struggled with or a recent win; maybe a hardship that few people know about you. Share with a friend or on social media (Use the tag #mindsetshiftchallenge!) You, exactly who you are today, is inspiring as hell! Share your story so others can see that they’re not alone—or to let them cheer you on!  

Day 22: Notice the New habits Colliding With the Old

When old habits and new habits collide.⁠ That happened to me last night. Let’s start from the beginning. ⁠There are two things I’m ALWAYS good for when I’m sick:⁠

1. Pretending I’m not as sick as I am. ⁠
2 Being “productive,” even when I am sick. ⁠

While battle a recent cold, I cooked myself a full dinner (not necessary) and as I shivered from my cold, I decided to do the dishes (not necessary). As I was feeling the hot water on my hands, I thought, shit, this feels so good. And then my intuition chirped up: It’s time to slow down—leave the dishes, get into a hot bath. ⁠⁠

It’s funny to be in these moments when you can so clearly see the old and new collide.⁠⁠

⚡The old: Listening to my mind; pushing through; being “strong” no matter what.⁠
⚡The new: Slow down, be guided by your body and stay open to the lessons it’s trying to teach you. ⁠

Today, I want you to get aware about the old and the new. You may notice some old thoughts trying to sneak in or find yourself wanting to do something that you know is not in line with a more aligned and intentional way of living. See it, love it, take a deep breath in and out and then choose while looking FORWARD.

Day 23: Make a Graph of your Comfort Zone

My wish for yo⁠u is that you get a chance to reach out of your comfort zone, only to realize that what you’ve been avoiding all along is actually the most incredible experience you could have ever been lucky enough to have. ⁠⁠

That idea defines our trip around the world in 2019. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone was the name of the game and as I look back, my mind is blown by not only what we did, and the fears I conquered, but how amazing it was to experience all of these incredible things:⁠⁠

?Snorkeling with sharks, turtles, rays and fish in the Great Barrier Reef⁠

⛰️Camping on top of a volcano in Bali⁠

?Paragliding through the Swiss Alps⁠

?Riding camels through the Sahara Desert⁠

?️Motorbiking the Hai Van Pass⁠

?Zip-lining through a jungle⁠

?Washing elephants in Thailand⁠⁠

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt that adventurous in my life and I want to bring that fearless energy into everything I do from here on out!⁠

Today, I want you to make a brainstorm bubble of what’s outside of your comfort zone. Consider what you’re putting off or avoiding because you’re nervous. Now, take your first step toward doing one of those things. Check out my comfort zone bubble below:


Day 24: Find Your Own “Meditation Practice

We’ve talked a lot about getting quiet and finding silence and stillness during this mindset reset challenge, but I want to be clear about something: you don’t need a daily meditation practice or an extensive morning routine to stay in tune with what you need and how you’re feeling. 

Instead, finding small pockets of quiet to simply breathe and tap into what you need. For example:

⚡Sitting in your car without music for five extra minutes before going into work.
⚡Take a walk alone at lunch.
⚡Take 5 deep breaths before getting out of bed.
⚡Drink your tea or coffee without your phone.
⚡Eat lunch without doing work.

Today, I want you to get quiet for a few extra minutes today. I like to close my eyes while I do it, but that’s not necessary if it doesn’t feel good. The goal is simply to relax into you and tune out the world.

Day 25: Keep Going 

Reminder: no one has it figured out.⁠⁠

Part of living with intention is remembering that it’s OKAY to not know, whether you’re starting a business or writing the first page of your book.⁠⁠

In fact, if we can charge with intention toward what we want, regardless of whether we know “how,” we quickly realize that we’re more resourceful, brilliant and creative than we give ourselves credit for. ⁠⁠

Today, I want you to find an area where you’re struggling to make progress and push ahead. Ignore the fears, the challenges, the worries and just take one more small step. Chances are, you do know what you’re doing, you’re just doubting yourself—and boo, that’s only slowing you down! ⁠

Day 26: Recognize Your Mindset Reset Lessons

We traveled the world together in 2019. Side by side. Just he and I. No one else to lean on. No where to escape to when we were driving each other crazy. ⁠⁠

It’s kind of funny because his mom said to us halfway through the trip—you must have grown so much closer traveling like this together!—and my answer was… not really haha. ⁠⁠

Now that I look back, however, I see that it may not *feel* like we’ve grown closer, but we’ve learned millions of life lessons together:⁠⁠

⚡How to be resilient. ⁠
⚡How to trust when you don’t understand. ⁠
⚡How to figure shit out when it’s easier to walk away. ⁠
⚡How to flow in an ever-changing environment. ⁠
⚡How to laugh at the hard stuff.⁠
⚡How to make space for ourselves and each other at the same time. ⁠
⚡How to spot opportunities that look like challenges. ⁠⁠

We had no idea what to expect going into 2019—we were just chasing this crazy dream with a vague idea about how it would actually turn out.

Today, I want you to write a list of what you’ve learned in the last 26 days! You may not even realize  what you’ve learned, so take time, think about it and come up with at least five.

Day 27: Tap Into Your Adventurous Inner Child

I haven’t been on skis since I was probably a freshman in College. I’m 31 years old… so it’s been a long time. ⁠My husband and friends all ski and board, so I knew there was a chance I’d have to hop on again this winter—and that time came this past weekend. ⁠⁠

The things is, I love being up on the mountain and though I was a decent skier as a teenager, I was always so scared. I hate that feeling of being out of control when you hit some ice or a slope that’s a lot steeper than you expected. ⁠⁠

So to say I was anxious all week leading up to Saturday is an understatement. The thing that made me laugh amidst all of that anxiety was that I just spent 8 months traveling the world with no idea what I was doing or how I’d do it. ⁠⁠

⚡I swam with manta rays.⁠
⚡I washed and fed elephants.⁠
⚡I ran off the side of a mountain. ⁠
⚡I lived in Asia, Europe and Northern Africa.⁠⁠

And skiing—in little ol’ Vermont—is what had me shaking in my boots??⁠⁠

When we got back to the U.S., I made a promise to myself that I’d always keep that same adventure mindset from the #ThiefelsWorldTour. This weekend ski trip was something I was scared to do, but knew, if I was honoring the girl who traveled the world with a backpack, I had to do it. ⁠⁠

And it was fun! Even better, I was pretty freaking good! ⁠⁠

Today, your challenge is this: What’s something you can do that scares you—but will better you in the long run? ⁠Go to that networking event? Write the first chapter of your book? You decide and then DO it!

Day 28: Make an Outer Symbol of Your Inner Change

Inner and outer evolution.⁠⁠

⚡Outer: Bangs.⁠
⚡Inner: Returning to me. ⁠⁠

Ya’ll, I GOT BANGS. And I’m OBSESSED with them!! Not just because I feel like they look great (don’t you think?!), but because of what they mean for me. ⁠⁠

Over the course of this incredible personal journey, I’ve been through a few phases. The first was wanting to feel lighter, free-er, and less burdened by this sadness I couldn’t understand. ⁠⁠

The second was wanting to finally move into an understanding of my body image struggles and release myself from the chains of that pain, shame and anxiety. ⁠⁠

The third has been coming back to the 3-year old me. The little girl who wasn’t yet scared, hurt, sad and weighed down with the pain that others put on her.⁠

Bangs are part of that transformation because that crazy, spunky, dramatic little girl had bangs! ⁠⁠⁠

It may sound too “on the nose” but honestly, it feels so right. I feel the same way I did on the very first day I sat down at my desk to start my business full time: like there was a mold waiting for me and I just sat right down into it. ⁠

Today, what is something you can do to represent the inner transformation you’ve been experiencing? Buy a new dress? Book a massage? Get a haircut? Do what feels like the you  you’ve only just discovered.

Day 29: Tune Into You for 5 Minutes

Intentional awareness for mindset reset. ⁠⁠

I talk a lot about living an intentional life, which often translates to work, career, business—but so much of it relates to our everyday lives as well. ⁠⁠

Considering our mindset, mood and wellbeing all affect how well we work or run our business, it makes sense that our intentional living needs to start at the root of it all—our personal space. ⁠⁠

I was in the middle of a shame storm (thanks for the term, Brene Brown) the other night. I’m in the process of increasing my calories because my body is eating my protein to survive—not good—and I need to give it more sustenance. ⁠⁠

However, I get full REALLY easy, likely a result of my body using my digestive enzymes for energy. For SO long, I thought this getting full was a bad thing and the shame would begin:⁠⁠

Why did you always eat so much?⁠
Why do you need to stuff yourself?⁠⁠

With the help of my new nutritionist at The Kahm Clinic, I learned that there is no place for shame here. Instead, if I want to break this cycle, I NEED to get a little more comfortable with that feeling so I can slowly increase my daily calories.⁠⁠

But like all old habits, this one is dying hard and the other night, after a nice big dinner, I was in it. The good news is, my new self-compassion work was kicking in HARD and I got intentional about dealing with this shame storm. I tune in to me. Tune out the shame. And watch what comes up. ⁠⁠

More importantly, my new habits push me to take a proactive, intentional approach, which means I am more powerful than those old thoughts.⁠⁠

Being intentional IS powerful—in every area of our life. Today, your challenge is to get intentional for five minutes while sitting at your desk:

⚡Be aware: What are you seeing? Smelling? Feeling? 
⚡Notice: Your body touching the chair. Your arms resting on your legs.
⚡Feel: What are you feeling? Anxious? Happy?
⚡Thoughts: What thoughts are going through your mind that you may not otherwise pay attention to?

The goal is to bring this awareness to every area of your life so we can open up our mind and  stop letting those old thoughts run us.

Day 30: The Old You.. Love Her

As I’ve looked back on our worldwide trip over the past few months, I keep noticing the same question come up again and again:⁠⁠

Who was that girl?⁠

⚡That girl with all of her belongings in a single backpack. ⁠
⚡That girl with her natural hair, colored blond by the sun.⁠
⚡That girl with adventure on her mind, all day, every day.⁠
⚡That girl who washed elephants and swam with rays. ⁠⁠

It’s hard to believe that it was me. It’s like I’m looking at two people standing next to each other and I can’t seem to pull them together into one. ⁠⁠

It’s amazing how this happens. How, in certain times in our lives, we step into a new life, embody what feels like a new person, and then within just weeks, snap back into the life we had before. Not that I haven’t been changed, because nothing has ever changed me so much in my life.⁠

But what I’ve been working on bringing into my awareness is that I am her and she is me. We are one in the same; it just took a life-changing experience to show me that I can bring out these other sides of myself.⁠

Today, I want you to actively send love to the person you were when you started this challenge and the person you are today.

Day 31: Choose Happiness Every Single Day

In 2018, I was a VP. I had been flown to Tokyo in first class. I was charging everything to my business Amex. ⁠⁠

I was also in a role that wasn’t made for me. The people I worked with made it nearly impossible for me to do my job and I wasn’t treated like someone in a VP position. Plus, since I was being paid a lot of money, it was “expected” that I deal with certain issues and challenges. ⁠⁠

I was a square peg in a round hole, but I was being paid the most I’d ever made before—$150K annually. How could I be so unhappy if I was being paid so much?⁠⁠

The funny thing is, I Googled “staying at a job for money” and the term that came up was “Golden Handcuffs” – literally, meaning the money is holding you hostage. ⁠⁠

It was holding me hostage. I kept wondering, “Am I brat for feeling so unhappy in this position?” “Am I being dramatic?” ⁠⁠

The answer was NO. So I got out of my handcuffs and made a mindset reset with one question and one truth:⁠⁠

?Question: Would you be happy with how you spent the last six months of your life if you died tomorrow?⁠

?Truth: If you’re supposed to have $150K, you will. ⁠⁠

I had to trust that what was meant for me would come for me and that choosing HAPPINESS over MONEY was the right thing to do. And oh baby, I can say with 100% certainty it was. ⁠⁠

Today and every day, I want you to choose happiness. ⁠This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to be happy, it means living a life that fulfills you and brings happiness, even in the hardest times. When we can tune in, get intentional, and stay aware, it’s easier to see what we need, when we need it.

The power is yours to choose—so choose, boo! ⁠

Get Ready for a Mindset Reset

Now is the time to commit to living your most intentional life. Stop waiting. Stop living unfulfilled. Stop giving your energy away to people who don’t deserve it. Tune into yourself, tap into what you want, and step into your happiest, most authentic self with a mindset reset.

Jessica Thiefels is the Founder and CEO of Jessica Thiefels Consulting, a content marketing agency, and upcoming author. Living life with intention has helped her move across the country, build a thriving business, and travel the world while growing her marketing agency and writing a book. Now she's sharing her experiences to help others bring intention to their life, their work and their business.

The 31-Day Mindset Reset Challenge to Start Living With Intention

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